The Value of Continuous Insight Reports During Clinical Research

The Positive Impact Insight Reports Can Have on Clinical Research Plans

Effective clinical research requires a continuous stream of data, but gathering real-world data isn’t always easy. It can be particularly tricky for pharmaceutical manufacturer researchers to connect with practicing oncologists. Community oncologists have many demands on their time and may not be available to participate in clinical research when you need them most. However, their expertise and experiences are invaluable to researchers who rely on insight from practicing physicians.

Community physician insight reports and recommendations bridge that important knowledge gap. Aptitude Health CASES reports pull data from roundtable discussions where oncologists share information on how their treatment approaches, concerns, insights, and existing resource gaps impact treatment patterns. CASES reports also contain valuable information about regional issues that may affect cancer patients. Aptitude Health provides opportunities to obtain these important reports to life science partners on an ongoing basis through bundled and subscription opportunities. This results in a continuous stream of timely and relevant information to your team.

For years, Aptitude Health has organized regional roundtable discussion and insights-gathering events across the US.

CASES reports contain the key takeaways of these discussions, prescription trends, and expert analyses on the data and insights gathered. If your organization is engaged in clinical research focused on oncology and hematology, CASES reports provide critical information while saving you both time and money. They also allow your organization to refine your marketing and outreach efforts. Consider the following benefits of continuous insight reports.

Gaps in Understanding Delay Clinical Research
The clinical research process is costly and time-consuming. Pharma companies must streamline their research process to conserve funding. If your organization lacks essential data, your research projects may face costly delays. Gaps in research data can also prevent your researchers from producing accurate results.

Missing data or project delays harm your organization’s credibility. That’s why your organization needs access to high-quality, evidence-based data. With this essential information, your research team can keep the R&D process on track.

Purchasing a subscription to CASES provides round-the-clock insight from practicing oncologists. With continuous reporting, your team never misses important developments. Instead, your R&D staff remains current on industry trends.

Insight Reports Bridge the Gap Between Research and Real Life
Clinical researchers have extensive expertise, but even skilled researchers may overlook critical factors. A treatment that seems promising in a controlled clinical trial may prove impractical or undesirable in a real-world setting.

Continuous insight reports help bridge this gap. CASES reports deliver intelligence from top regional oncologists directly to your research team. Each report contains a wealth of data, including physician quotes, polls, and case studies, and details specific to your needs.

With a subscription or a report bundle, your team has ongoing access to observations from practicing physicians. This information informs future research activities.

Continuous Insight From Practicing Oncologists Guides R&D Efforts
During clinical research, your team needs access to a wide range of data. A few specific data points aren’t enough to support a complex project. Instead, your team needs comprehensive information that supports the entire research pipeline. CASES reports guide R&D from start to finish.

Before you invest in a new medication or treatment strategy, you need to know what treatments oncologists use. You also need to determine how well treatments work and what side effects practicing oncologists have observed. CASES reports provide detailed information on preferred treatment strategies. They also offer valuable insight into oncologists’ goals and priorities.

Demographics and regional care patterns can also affect a patient’s care, and these patterns are always changing. A CASES bundle or subscription keeps your team up to date. Continuous reports explore ongoing regional differences and experiences from diverse patient groups. Maintaining a subscription helps your organization monitor changes within the market.

Insight Reports Guide Marketing and Outreach Efforts
In the fight against cancer, communication is essential. Stakeholders must share current data and stay informed. Pharmaceutical manufacturers play an especially important role in the communication process. Your organization needs to stay abreast of market trends, and your research team needs to understand the factors that guide an oncologist’s treatment decisions.
CASES reports help your organization determine whether further outreach is necessary. Each report highlights concerns from practicing oncologists. Polls and other key takeaways help your organization learn how clinicians are using available treatments.

This information helps your organization identify areas of concern. Quotes from clinicians can also offer insight into the oncologists’ mindset. CASES reports help deepen your understanding of oncologists’ preferences and goals.

Your organization can then tailor its marketing and outreach efforts. If oncologists seem unclear about the mechanism of a new treatment or doubt its effectiveness, your organization can supply relevant data. The more targeted your outreach efforts, the better your chances of communicating your message. Your CASES bundle or subscription delivers valuable insight throughout the year, so you can continually refine your marketing strategy.

Understanding CASES Reports
CASES reports help your organization understand the therapeutic approaches used in regional settings. Each report is derived from a closed-door roundtable conducted by Aptitude Health. Roundtables are led by experts in the field of oncology, along with a clinical moderator. During a roundtable session, 10–15 community oncologists provide insights into the factors that drive their treatment decisions.

Each report provides key takeaways, an analysis of the discussion, and integrated polling. Reports also give an overview of the current disease landscape, as described by consulting physicians. CASES reports can be sorted by therapeutic topic and purchased as a bundle.
A CASES subscription delivers timely reports to your team throughout the year. There’s no need to spend time and money searching for the resources you need. Instead, your subscription delivers in-depth reports right to your inbox. Each report offers unique insight from practicing physicians and industry experts. View our 2020 CASES topics, summit schedule, and upcoming reports.