Unique Options to Drive Clinical Information Exchange

Disseminate impactful scientific content to a wide range of stakeholders who drive trends and shape perspectives. Our medical communications services provide opportunities to improve disease-state knowledge, launch-preparedness, and strategic planning for internal clinical and commercial teams.

Robust Approach to Scientific
Content Development

In order to achieve desired results, effective medical communications must be built on accurate, compelling content. Every deliverable targets the right audience with the right messages and reflects our life science partner’s unique strategic goals. Our experience and comprehensive approach ease our clients’ burden by replacing the typical onboarding process.

Disease Assessment/ Characterization
In-depth Literature Review
Analysis of Available Data Set(s)

Current/Future Treatment Landscape
Scientific Platform

SWOT and Key Barriers/ Success Drivers
Strategic Imperatives
Core Message Validation

Stakeholder Identification
Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Project Management
Quality Delivery

Comprehensive Advisory Services

Conduct steering committees, advisory boards, and focus groups that facilitate powerful interactions with key decision-makers in specific therapeutic areas. Through our exclusive Axess Network, we can recruit disease-state experts, community physicians, advanced practice providers, and practice administrators for global, regional, and local events.

Interactive Satellite Symposia

Hosting satellite symposia adjacent to major medical conferences is a unique, interactive approach to conveying critical data, insights, and messages. These events provide a forum for exchange of the latest scientific and clinical data with disease-state experts, as well as opportunities for continuous engagement with key stakeholders.

Collaborate With Investigators

Deliver clinical information to investigators via multiformat meetings with full logistics management services. Engage investigators with customized educational content and trial information using the latest technology and digital media.

Integrated Educational Programs Deepen Clinical Understanding

Robust clinical immersion programs for internal or external audiences enhance comprehension with varying levels of complexity. These programs improve disease-state knowledge, IDN/health and hospital system understanding, launch-preparedness, and strategic planning. Developed in partnership with multidisciplinary teams at centers of excellence or community practices, our training and education are consistently ranked highly among life science companies.

Global Disease-State Academies

Sponsored by life science partners, our disease-specific academies improve collaboration and communication among treating physicians and clinicians around the world to positively impact patient outcomes. Our academies provide a series of virtual educational meetings and corresponding websites featuring renowned clinical experts. Additional offerings include a resource library, ask-the-expert tool, and opportunities for continuous engagement with participants via sponsored surveys.

Global Leukemia Academy
Emerging and practical concepts and controversies in leukemias

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Global Multiple Myeloma Academy
Current and future trends in management of multiple myeloma

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Manage Clinical Trial Protocol Writing And Review

As an extension of your team, we can facilitate the protocol review process from submission through final review. Our clinical expertise enables us to help life science partners improve quality, shorten turnaround time, and increase efficiency. We ensure that each protocol is submitted according to company guidelines, any incomplete sections are resolved, and there are no unapproved changes from proposal to protocol.

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Case Study: Stakeholder Engagement

See how our team has helped life science partners succeed with impactful medical communications.

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