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Business Intelligence Case Study

Turning Clinical Decision-Making Trends Into Successful Strategies

New product in a crowded market

A top-10 global pharmaceutical company was preparing to launch a new product into a crowded marketplace for a disease state that was new to the organization. Since they did not have experience in the disease state, they first sought to understand the marketplace and learn how emerging research would affect therapeutic decision-making, ongoing clinical trials, development of new compounds, and future treatment paradigms.

The client needed expert perspectives on the current global oncology marketplace and treatment landscape in order to introduce their innovation optimally. Furthermore, the client required insights into why and how practice decisions are made at the community physician level in the US.

Aptitude Health produced independent oncology insight reports from a series of data-gathering and information-sharing events powered by our Axess Network of global key opinion leaders and community physicians. To meet the client’s goals, our team recommended the following from our 360° INSIGHTS interlinked platform of virtual business intelligence products:

EPICS logoEPICS: reports were derived from independently funded 2-day clinical deep dives with 12 key opinion leaders discussing and debating the current and future clinical landscape, drug development, management of patients, and future directions

CASES logoCASES: reports yielded a wealth of information about the US community practice setting. Insights were derived from half-day regional meetings designed to understand how and why different treatment options were applied in a local setting

ONCOBOARD: reports were developed from online community forums. Experts had the ability to answer and discuss the topics provided within their group. Insights were provided to the client in 72 hours

The client leveraged Aptitude Health insight reports to obtain the relevant information required to build the strategy for their new product development and commercialization.

The reports provided an expert overview of the current and future treatment landscape, drug development, and management of patients. Strategic insights specific to the client’s product were also included, highlighting what was learned, how to interpret the results, and what needed to be done. Finally, the reports provided additional insights into how patient care decisions were being made at a regional and local level.

The business intelligence provided by Aptitude Health was used to fine-tune product marketing, messaging, and multiple tactical plans for global and regional US rollouts.

Medical Communications Case Study

Improved Product Knowledge and Acceptance Through Stakeholder Engagement

Novel therapy launch preparedness

A biotech company was rapidly moving into phase III clinical development with a novel immunotherapy. They were planning to launch a new product-awareness campaign. They needed a medical communications partner to help address their primary challenges.

  • Limited staff to develop scientific content
  • Lack of established relationships with key opinion leaders
  • Insufficient plan for educating internal team and engaging with external stakeholders

Aptitude Health worked as an extension of the client’s team to develop their new communication strategy and implementation plan. This included evidence-based and compelling medical content and educational materials to clearly articulate the product mode of action, while differentiating it in the marketplace.

We conducted a 2-day HOLI clinical immersion program for the internal sales team. The training was customized to the company’s objectives and featured a mix of lectures, competitive simulations, role-play exercises, and audience polling. At the same time, we created and facilitated regional advisory boards to gain perspectives from key experts and healthcare professionals from around the world.

Lastly, we developed a 24-month plan to continue to establish a credible company presence and strategic interactions with experts at major oncology congresses. This included tangible and diverse interactions, such as virtual exhibits and satellite symposia, designed to maximize physician communication and engagement.

The combination of scientific content, training programs, and advisory services effectively increased the client’s presence in the market while streamlining their medical communications governance. In fact, the multichannel projects that the client executed significantly increased over 3 years, and they expanded their network of key experts by 75%.

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
1 HOLI training

2 advisory boards


2 HOLI trainings

3 advisory boards

4 virtual exhibits


2 HOLI trainings

5 advisory boards

4 virtual exhibits

2 satellite symposia

Medical Publications Case Study

Addressing Educational Needs and Increasing Data Dissemination

Emerging data rollout

A life science company was preparing to release new clinical research data. They required a strategic partner with medical publication expertise specifically in the oncology market to develop their publication strategy, build a tactical plan, and educate their medical affairs team in Good Publication Practice (GPP) guidelines and industry best practices.

Aptitude Health developed a comprehensive publication strategy to differentiate the client’s products in the oncology market. This included competitive and gap analyses to identify publication opportunities. Recommendations for appropriate congresses and journals were also provided.

Our team of medical publication experts created a tactical publication plan, managed the execution, and provided ongoing support for

  • Digital abstracts, primary- and secondary-analysis manuscripts mapped to needs analysis
  • Encore publications for audiences beyond oncologists
  • Review articles in areas of unmet need
  • Health economics outcomes research (HEOR) and value message publications
  • Investigator-sponsored study publication tracking, planning, and support

We developed tailor-made standard operating procedures to ensure the internal staff was aware of the latest GPP guidance and best industry practices in publication planning and that all publications meet appropriate scientific, ethical, and legal standards.

Lastly, we developed a 24-month plan to support a credible company presence and strategic interactions with experts at major oncology congresses. This included tangible and diverse digital tactics designed to maximize physician communication and engagement.

Aptitude Health provided a publication strategy, tactical plan, and educational program, to give the client a clear path forward for data dissemination and publication planning. The client increased their understanding of best practices, streamlined internal processes, and ensured continuous GPP compliance.

By comparing the pre- and post-activity evaluations, the client reported that within 2 years of the tactical plan rollout with our executional support, their congress data-dissemination increased 9-fold and the number of published manuscripts grew 6-fold.

Before Partnering With Aptitude Health After Partnering With Aptitude Health

Year 1

After Partnering With Aptitude Health

Year 2

3 accepted abstracts

2 published manuscripts

13 accepted abstracts

5 published manuscripts (4 in first journal choice)

15 accepted abstracts

7 published manuscripts (5 in first journal choice)

Promotional Services Case Study

In-Practice Information-Sharing Events Elevate On-Label Promotion

Greater product awareness

A mid-sized pharmaceutical company organized events intended for peer-to-peer exchange, but they failed to deliver expected results. Physicians perceived the programs as too promotional, lacking patient focus or opportunities for group discussion. As attendance rates dropped, the client noticed that they were not attracting the target audience; nurses and physician assistants were joining the events instead of decision-making physicians. The client needed a strategic partner with a new approach to align the mutual interests of community oncologists and their company.

Aptitude Health arranged a series of CONNEX events on specified topics as a unique and compliant way to organize on-label presentations in close proximity to independent data-collection events that were already scheduled as in-practice meetings.

The client provided a target list of 100 US-based community practices that were essential in their touch point plans. Leading community oncologists from our Axess Network were then matched against the target list and engaged to produce an audience of respected oncologists from their local community. We also worked with the client’s marketing team to identify and schedule expert physicians to present the client’s product information and share their personal experiences in practice.

Aptitude Health facilitated points of connection and collaboration between the client, expert faculty, and audience of selected Axess Network members focused on the client’s specified disease state. These events were highly attended thanks to compliant learning incentives and lack of conflicts of interest. They offered meaningful connections with over 75 top US community practices, and on-label information was successfully presented to the target audience.

As a result of the CONNEX programs, healthcare professionals perceived the company’s promotional information presented by expert physicians as a kick-starter for a larger conversation focused on clinical problem-solving, treatment approaches, and improving patient care.