Promotional Services

Unique Commercial Opportunities

Life science companies can connect with hard-to-reach clinicians and market access professionals at Aptitude Health events. We guarantee an audience of target stakeholders for presentations of on-label promotional content.

Connect With the Right Audience

Share on-label, promotional information to highly-sought-after Axess Network oncologists and hematologists from practices deemed high priority based on regional influence, patient populations, and limited access. CONNEX programs give clients the opportunity to engage with community oncologists in either a practice setting or an alternative approved meeting location.

Share Product Information in a New Way

Product theaters and displays of approved, on-label promotional content to Axess Network members adjacent to CASES Summits can positively impact patient care. These presentations help connect representatives from life science partners with expert faculty, hard-to-reach clinicians, and market access professionals.

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Case Study: Elevating Promotion

Learn how our team helped provide a life science partner with unique opportunities to connect with hard-to-reach stakeholders.

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