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Comprehensive Products for Informed Business Decisions

Life science companies rely on our evidence-based products to identify, understand, and respond to the dynamics that influence decision-making in oncology and hematology. Our business intelligence platform leverages the expertise of the Axess Network to provide unique perspectives from real-world practices. Syndicated reports, collaboration tools, and community access provide myriad avenues to gain actionable insights for strategic planning.

360° Insights


Our interlinked platform of business intelligence products educates, gathers insights, and connects key stakeholders across the healthcare continuum.

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Expert Platforms

  • Expert-conducted clinical meetings and syndicated reports help define current and future landscapes of specific disease states
  • Immediately understand the commercial and clinical impact of new data as presented at major conferences and congresses, specific to clinical pipeline and commercial products
  • Reports feature a topline summary, highly detailed recaps of data-gathering and information-sharing events, in-depth analyses, and actionable recommendations by our scientific content team

Online Collaborative Engagement Platform for Rapid Insights

  • Report features insights from 8–12 advisors (expert or community) who participate in a closed collaborative platform
  • Faculty answer prewritten questions and discuss their answers
  • Receive a fast-turnaround transcript in 2 days and full strategic report in 5 days
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Community Survey Platform and Reports

  • Report summarizes current approaches/referral patterns from select community physicians within the Axess Network
  • Feedback loop enables continuous collaboration with HCPs
  • Provides highly detailed, strategic insights from a Medical Director, based on learnings from the market assessment, as well as benchmarking data and education to the entire Axess Network
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Disease-Specific Insights

  • Presentations and in-depth discussions between the expert and attendees provide an unequalled overview of current therapeutic approaches in community physician settings
  • Reports feature critical insights from 3-hour, region-specific, data-collection events with 1 expert and 10–15 community physicians, and are free from commercial bias
  • Reports provide a detailed snapshot in time and include strategic recommendations concerning resource and education needs
  • Subscribers can measure the impact that milestone events (eg, new clinical studies, competitive FDA approvals) can have on standards of care
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Virtual Case Discussions

  • Report featuring insights from 1- to 1.5-hour real-world, data-collection events with 1 expert and 25–35 oncologists from various regions
  • Events feature case study presentations with pre/post-audience response system questions, with limited to no discussion
  • Reports identify current gaps in education and provide strategies to address those gaps
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Local Practice Data-Collection Events

  • Reports feature insights from 1-hour local practice, data-collection events with 1 expert and 5–10 community physicians
  • Brief presentations and discussion between the expert and attendees provide regional insights into clinical practices
  • Reports provide a detailed review of disease management at the practice level and highlight practice differences in standards of care
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Measuring Retention, Habits, Challenges, and Barriers

  • Report measures retention of knowledge from Aptitude Health interventions
  • Derived from a 20- to 30-question survey sent to past CASES, CARE, and CORE participants
  • Results are provided along with expert commentary and strategic insights

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Our reports deliver complex analyses of real-world practices and the actionable insights required to support innovations and improve patient outcomes.

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