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Managing social media during your event

As a provider of oncology insights for the life sciences industry we know that social media can contribute to having successful events. By adopting social media best practices, hosts can rally their attendees, increase affinity, stimulate engagement, and sustain the event buzz long after the event has finished. Let me share the key 3 steps to create a foolproof social media response strategy and managing social media during your event:

1.Choose social channels
Choose social channels you plan on using to promote the event, and assign different levels of importance to each to determine where information will be updated first, and what kind of information will be released through each channel.

2.Promote social media content offline
Once you have seamlessly incorporated social media into your event marketing strategy, your brand may no longer need any print assets. However, for those businesses trying to reach an audience that is not aware of all your brand’s social channels, there are ways to direct them through more traditional promotional materials.

3.Schedule Tweets for the day of the event and use drafts
Compose reminder Tweets containing all the essential information someone might look for if they are interested in attending the event: the time and location of the event, a URL to the Web site with more information, and anything else that may be relevant and stay unchanged on the day of the event.