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Insights into the “why” behind doctors’ treatment decisions

Today there is a need for new ways to bring physicians and pharmaceutical companies together. One of the most important questions to be answered for the pharmaceutical industry is the “why” behind doctors’ treatment decisions, yet this question is becoming increasingly difficult to answer.

Because of increasingly complex regulations and a growing number of either “low see” or “no see” oncologists, we believe there is a need to mobilize an untapped reservoir of vital information to help improve the lives of cancer patients. Many pharmaceutical companies are struggling to gain access to strategic insights about what oncologists believe, what they do, and why they do it. This critically important information is essential to ensure oncologists have the most timely and accurate information about cancer therapies, in order for them to make the best choices for their patients. This challenge is only increasing as access to key stakeholders in the industry is becoming more and more limited. One of the most important questions to be answered for the pharmaceutical industry is the “why” behind doctors’ treatment decisions, yet this question is becoming increasingly difficult to answer. Because of the decrease of shared information in the marketplace, pharmaceutical companies lack current insight on ongoing practice patterns in cancer, while doctors may be unaware of the latest developments with newly launched brands and new indications for existing therapies.

There is an increasing number of market-leading oncologists who are interacting less and less with the pharmaceutical industry and attending fewer market research and industry-sponsored events. Others have concerns about engaging with the pharmaceutical industry as a result of Sunshine Transfer of Value (TOV) reporting requirements. However, their decisions have a profound impact on both the lives of their patients and the utilization of available cancer therapies. They are CEOs, CMOs, and leaders in their practice’s pathway development, but are rarely accessible. In order to capture their insight while allowing them to gather knowledge from other market leaders, there needs to be a new, revolutionary way of information exchange.

Why is this exchange of information so important? In oncology, time and money are 2 very important resources; however, knowledge and insight are the keys to advancing medical practice. The decisions of oncologists and pharmaceutical companies alike ultimately affect a single individual, the patient. While the web of relationships and regulations grows increasingly complex, the health and well-being of the patient must not be lost but rather heightened, pushing the need for a more effective approach to closing the gap in understanding between physicians and pharmaceutical companies.

A forum where community oncologists can come together with a key opinion leader to discuss treatment options and local influences can be a powerful resource for physicians, pharmaceutical companies, and most of all, patients. Community Access via Scientific Engagement Strategies by Aptitude Health, also known as CASES, is an excellent option to address this need. For physicians, such a resource is unique. Time demands limit the number of opportunities they have for meeting with colleagues or attending conferences with key opinion leaders. A forum where they can interact with both colleagues and thought leaders would enhance their learning opportunities. For pharmaceutical companies, key insights can be gained through the discussion by

  • Providing a deeper understanding of the regionally distinct market issues in the US that drive treatment decisions
  • Helping bridge the gap in information exchange between US community oncologists and industry
  • Promoting understanding of current scientific knowledge and opinions among physicians

When everyone comes together, patients and their families are the real winners. It takes all of us moving in the same direction to ultimately defeat cancer.