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New Support Tool for Immune-Related Adverse Events

Immunotherapies have become a standard treatment for many patients with cancer. While these agents can be highly effective and associated with durable responses and improved long-term survival, they are also associated with a unique and potentially serious adverse event profile. Appropriate management of immune-related adverse events (irAEs) is essential for successful treatment with immunotherapies. To support clinicians treating patients with immunotherapy, Clinical Care Options (CCO), in coordination with the National Comprehensive Cancer Institute (NCCN), has released an interactive support tool for management of immune checkpoint inhibitor-related toxicities. This new continuing medical education (CME)-certified tool allows users to input their patient’s characteristics and receive patient-specific management recommendations based on the most recent NCCN Guidelines for Management of Immunotherapy-Related Toxicities. Expert commentaries explaining treatment recommendations are included.

High Altitude: This tool is primarily designed to be used by community oncologists and those less familiar with immune checkpoint inhibitors and their toxicities. However, experts may wish to provide this tool to members of their support team who are involved in day-to-day patient management or colleagues who are new to irAE management.

Ground Level: This tool supported by NCCN guidelines and expert opinion will prove useful for the community oncologist who may be in the process of adding immune checkpoint inhibitors to their treatment repertoire or who want additional guidance in managing their patient’s irAEs. By allowing users to input patient-specific data, the resulting recommendations are highly personalized. This can serve both as a training tool for new staff and others who need more experience with immune checkpoint inhibitors and as a quick reference for clinicians to guide patient treatment.