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ICMJE Authorship and medical publications – part 2

In my previous blog post (read it here) I addressed the challenge of overcoming issues around the increasing number of authors in articles. I summarized the 4 conditions for authorship. In addition, authors should be aware of the contributions of their co-authors and have confidence in the integrity of these contributions. Read more about ICMJE authorship and credits for work.

While most journals follow the criteria defined by ICMJE, not all authors are familiar with these recommendations. In order not to hurt sensitivities down the road, defining the author list and order often requires some serious planning well before the research is completed. An upfront discussion to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each author from the beginning prevents potential misunderstandings later.

The 3 steps to ensure that deserving investigators get the credit for their work include:

  1. Adhering to the ICMJE recommendations
  2. Planning ahead
  3. Acting with transparency

If these are followed, truthful authorship will be unquestionably granted, unlike the invention of the radio: Whose invention was it, Tesla or Marconi?