Understanding Patterns of Care in Europe to Identify Best Practices for Treatment of Adult Patients with AML

Understanding Patterns of Care in Europe to Identify Best Practices for Treatment of Adult Patients with AML

In May 2021, Aptitude Health held the first virtual CASES meeting in Europe, focusing on the treatment of adult patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Leading European experts from Spain, Italy, and Germany, and a group of practicing hematologists from these countries discussed patient cases and exchanged reflections on experiences and regional variations regarding treatment choices, tendencies, and challenges in Europe.

For the majority of physicians, the turnaround time for genomic/mutational testing is <7 days, and the majority repeat biomarker testing in their AML patients at the time of relapse.

This CASES meeting key takeaways from participants included the following

  • Molecular testing, with mutational status and minimal residual disease, are paramount in making treatment decisions in both the frontline and relapsed/refractory settings
  • Patients should always be risk-stratified
  • Fitness of the patient is key in evaluating optimal treatment strategies
  • Clinical trials are a relevant option when there are no other available therapeutic choices, but the design of trials can be a challenge for patient accrual
  • A patient’s transplant eligibility is factored in when complete response is achieved


CASES meetings gather leading scientific experts and practicing physicians to discuss emerging clinical data, how novel agents change the treatment landscape, and how will these be incorporated into daily clinical practice. Peer-to-peer discussions enable the generation of insights reports from region- and topic-specific deliberation, yielding a wealth of information about treatment approaches, educational needs, and challenges that exist and arise in daily clinical practice.

CASES meetings provide a unique interactive environment for peer-to-peer communication and are excellent educational opportunities for physicians to stay up-to-date with cutting-edge research and clinical data, and their format allows physicians from the same geographic region to share experiences and challenges in their clinical practice.

CASES reports help life science companies understand shifts in oncology care and identify educational and resource needs. Each report provides key takeaways in aggregate, and analysis of event-specific discussion and integrated polling. Additionally, the reports provide an overview of the current disease landscape and how it likely impacts specific life science partners, as described by the attending physicians.

Aptitude Health seeks no funding for our CASES events, but the detailed insights reports and silent observation rights are available for purchase. To get more details about available reports and our upcoming meetings, please click here.