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Aptitude Health Acquires TME BCN

Atlanta, Georgia, August 11, 2022—Aptitude Health, a global market leader in evidence-based solutions for life science companies, and portfolio company of Linden Capital Partners, announced today that it has acquired Targeted Medical Education (TME and TME Research) and their Breast Care Network (BCN) to further strengthen Aptitude Health’s organization and mission to improve health outcomes for cancer patients. With this acquisition, Aptitude Health will expand its positive impact on how clinicians communicate, share scientific knowledge, and collaborate with each other and with life science companies.

“There is a huge opportunity in front of us and a common approach between both companies’ leadership teams to build something uniquely successful from not just a business perspective, but also a clinical one,” said Alexei Rojanets, CEO and Founder of Aptitude Health. He continued, “TME operates in an adjacent specialty to oncology and there are many synergies between the two companies that will allow us to expand TME’s current reach in the breast surgery specialty as we seek to improve patient outcomes.”

“Over 10 years ago, we started TME to overcome barriers and accelerate patients’ access to breakthrough, practice-changing advances in breast care,” stated Pat Whitworth, Jr, MD, Surgical Oncologist and Co-founder of TME. “Our vision of hosting meaningful dialogue among breast care leaders and generating clear guidance for innovative breast care companies has facilitated the rapid adoption of advances in breast care diagnostics, devices, and therapeutics. TME’s annual leadership summits, research programs, and advisory services now reach over 500 leading breast care physicians and more than 40 innovative breast care companies. Joining Aptitude Health places TME breast care physicians and surgeons in direct collaboration with Aptitude’s robust medical oncology community, providing the multidisciplinary guidance required today to generate optimal outcomes for cancer patients.”

Aptitude Health’s 18 PhDs, 5 MDs, and additional commercial team members, combined with TME BCN’s expertise and physician network in the breast surgery space, will accelerate the company’s expansion of its Axess Network as it seeks to positively influence outcomes for patients. The full integration of the acquisition is anticipated to be finalized in the next couple of months.


About Aptitude Health
Aptitude Health is a global market leader in evidence-based solutions for life science companies seeking to identify, develop, and commercialize oncology and hematology innovations. With a proven track record of success, we transform the world’s growing scientific and clinical knowledge into better patient outcomes. The expertise of our team is backed by unparalleled access to global disease-state experts and healthcare professionals, making Aptitude Health the strategic partner of choice for the world’s most successful life science companies. For more information, please visit

About Linden Capital Partners
Linden Capital Partners is a Chicago-based private equity firm focused exclusively on the healthcare industry. Founded in 2004, Linden is one of the country’s largest dedicated healthcare private equity firms. Linden’s strategy is based upon 3 elements: (1) healthcare specialization, (2) integrated private equity and operating expertise, and (3) its differentiated human capital program. Linden invests in middle-market platforms in the medical products, specialty distribution, pharmaceutical, and services segments of health care. Since its founding, Linden has invested in over 40 healthcare companies encompassing over 200 total transactions. The firm has raised over $6 billion in limited partner commitments since inception. For more information, please visit

TME and their Breast Care Network (BCN) are a group of leading breast cancer physicians and surgeons whose goal is to cut through the avalanche of new developments in breast cancer, eliminating the spurious, and implementing genuine advances. TME BCN is a network of clinicians, researchers, educators, and companies whose core mission is to improve the quality and access to advanced targeted cancer care. Fostering high-quality and comprehensive educational resources and research, TME aims to synthesize “state-of-the-art” with “state-of-the-science.” Their specialty is breast cancer from prevention, diagnosis, treatment, to survivorship.

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