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Aptitude Health provides numerous consulting and educational opportunities for healthcare professionals.


Shape Clinical Innovations
to Improve Patient Care

Axess Network members collaborate with the global oncology and hematology community, sharing unbiased expertise with peers, scientific leaders, and life science companies.

Participate in expert-led research and educational programs focused on the most current scientific data

  • Access expert insights on all major tumor types and hematologic malignancies
  • Benchmark treatment approaches for improved clinical competency and patient care

Receive consulting opportunities relevant to your unique interests and qualifications. Accept only those that interest you and fit within your schedule.

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Roundtables and discussion groups
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Online forums
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Data-gathering surveys
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Speakers and moderators

Access member resources and consulting opportunities via the Axess Network Portal.

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We are actively recruiting healthcare professionals from around the world and US market access professionals to become Axess Network consultants.

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Global Academies

Our multifaceted hematology and oncology academies feature a series of virtual meetings with disease state experts, focused on recent advances in treatment and management, with online portals where you can interact directly with expert faculty and access educational resources.

Global Leukemia Academy
Emerging and practical concepts and controversies in leukemias

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Global Multiple Myeloma Academy
Current and future trends in management of multiple myeloma

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