Impact of Patient Assistance Programs on Financial Toxicity in Cancer Patients Managed Through Health System Specialty Pharmacies

Perspectives on financial toxicity, the role of the health system specialty pharmacy, and barriers associated with patient assistance programs

June 13, 2022

Faculty Chair

Bryan Schuessler, PharmD

Savings Solutions in Overland Park

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  • Virtual series
  • South Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, Utah, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Missouri, California

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  • A virtual, moderated roundtable discussion focusing on financial hardships attributed to prescription drug regimens
  • Insights were obtained on factors impacting PAP selection, impact of barriers leading to financial toxicity, and PAP support needs


  • Data collection was accomplished through use of audience response system questioning and moderated discussion
  • The group of advisors comprised 10–15 medical oncologists and pharmacists representative of each region

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