Present on-label promotional information to a target group of community oncologists

The client is a mid-sized pharmaceutical company organizing dinner programs that allow for peer-to-peer exchange. However, these events fail to deliver results. Physicians perceive the programs as too promotional, lacking focus on patients and without opportunities for peer-to-peer discussion. As attendance rates drop, the client notices that they are not attracting the target audience; nurses and physician assistants are joining the events instead of the practicing physicians who drive the oncology market forward. The client needs a strategic partner with a new approach to align the mutual interests of the community oncologists and the Company.

Host a series of events with promotional presentations adjacent to data-gathering meetings with a guaranteed audience

Aptitude Health arranged a series of CONNEX events on specified topics as a unique and compliant way to organize on-label presentations in close proximity to independent data-collection events that are embedded in already-scheduled in-practice meetings.

The client provided a target list of 100 US-based community practices that were essential in their touch point plans. Leading community oncologists from our Axess Network were then matched against the target list and engaged to produce a guaranteed audience of respected oncologists from their local community. We also worked with the client’s marketing team to identify and schedule expert physicians to present the client’s product information and share their personal experiences in practice.

On-label presentations deliver a trustworthy conversation starter in practice

Aptitude Health facilitated points of connection and collaboration between the pharma client, expert faculty, and a guaranteed audience of selected Axess Network community physicians focused on the client’s specified disease state.

  • These were highly attended events, due to compliant learning incentives and lack of conflicts of interest
  • They offered meaningful connections with over 75 top US community practices
  • On-label information was successfully presented to the target audience

As a result of the CONNEX event approach, doctors perceived the pharma company’s promotional information presented by expert physicians as a kick-starter for a larger conversation focused on clinical problem solving, treatment approaches, and improving patient care.