Create awareness and disseminate consistent product messaging

The client is a small, pre-revenue biotech company rapidly moving into phase III clinical development with a novel therapy. They are planning to launch a new corporate and product awareness campaign. Their primary challenges are

  • Company messaging does not support strategic brand objectives
  • Limited staff unable to develop the scientific content
  • No plan to roll out messaging to the various internal and external target audiences

They need a medical communications partner to develop an overarching medical affairs strategy, including peer-to-peer engagement and a scientific communications plan.

Develop a comprehensive medical affairs strategy to streamline content, stakeholder communications, and engagement tactics

Aptitude Health worked as an extension of the client’s medical affairs team to develop their new strategy. This included evidence-based and compelling medical content to clearly articulate the product mode of action, while differentiating it in the marketplace.

In support of the medical affairs strategy, we created a scientific communications plan that included strategic imperatives and evidence-based statements that were applied to

  • Peer-to-peer communications
  • Development of a peer-to-peer slide module
  • Medical field force toolkits
  • Corporate press releases
  • Web presence
  • Congress handouts and booth materials

Lastly, we developed a 24-month plan to support a credible company presence and strategic interactions with experts at major oncology congresses. This included tangible and diverse interactions designed to maximize physician communication and engagement.

Enhanced medical communications deliver increased brand and product awareness

The medical affairs strategy and scientific content plan effectively increased the client’s brand and product awareness while streamlining their medical communications governance. In fact, the multichannel projects that the client executed increased 10-fold from 2016 to 2018, and they expanded their network with key experts by 75%.


3 advisory boards
1 investigator reception


5 investigator meetings
1 investigator reception
3 advisory boards
4 exhibition booths


9 investigator meetings
1 investigator reception
5 satellite symposia
5 advisory boards
7 exhibition booths