Gain insights on a specific oncology disease-state at a global and regional level

The client is a top-10 global player in the pharmaceutical market for oncology medicine. They are preparing to launch a new product into a crowded marketplace for a disease state that is new to the organization. But first, they need to understand the marketplace and how emerging research will affect therapeutic decision-making, ongoing clinical trials, development of new compounds, and future treatment paradigms.

The client needs expert perspectives on the current global oncology marketplace and treatment landscape. Furthermore, the client requires insights into why and how practice decisions are made at the community physician level in the US.

Maximize business intelligence products to identify, understand, and respond to market dynamics.

Aptitude Health produced independent oncology insights reports from a series of data-gathering and information-sharing events powered by our Axess Network of global key opinion leaders and community physicians

  • EPICS: reports were derived from independently funded 2-day clinical deep dives with 12 key opinion leaders discussing and debating the current and future clinical landscape, drug development, management of patients, and future directions
  • CASES: reports yielded a wealth of information about the US community practice setting. Insights were derived from half-day regional meetings designed to understand how and why different treatment options were applied in a local setting
  • ONCOBOARD: reports were developed from online community forums. Experts had the ability to answer and discuss the topics provided within their group. Insights were provided to the client in 72 hours

Insights reports deliver information required to build successful business strategies

The client leveraged Aptitude Health insights reports to obtain the relevant information required to build the strategy for their new product development and commercialization.

The reports provided an expert overview of the current and future treatment landscape, drug development, and management of patients. Strategic insights specific to the client’s product were also included, highlighting what was learned, how to interpret the results, and what needed to be done. Finally, the reports provided additional insights into how decisions were being made in the practice at a regional and local level.

The business intelligence provided by Aptitude Health was used to fine-tune product marketing, messaging, and multiple tactical plans for global and regional US rollouts.