Shifting tides in the healthcare sector reveal that more and more patients are turning to health systems or IDNs for cancer care. This leads to a couple of questions: what does this mean for oncology and hematology practices, and how can pharma and life science companies effectively engage with healthcare providers (HCPs) from these notoriously […]

For some industries, in-person events may not return for quite some time. In the medical and science fields, the shift from live to digital may be permanent. After all, virtual meetings have many advantages. Digital tools let attendees discuss topics, share resources, and network. There’s no need for expensive travel, and busy providers don’t have […]

The global pandemic has caused seismic changes in the medical and pharma industry. In recent years, the industry has begun a gradual shift toward virtual connections; COVID accelerated these trends, canceling swaths of conferences and conventions. This shift is likely to become permanent in some regions. Attendees and hosts have discovered that virtual tools have […]

Precision oncology computational methods for diagnosis and treatment selection are generating increased attention in parallel with the increased use of targeted cancer therapies. To outline best practices for ensuring the clinical utility of predictive computational methods in the oncology clinic, the National Cancer Policy Forum and the Board on Mathematical Sciences and Analytics at the […]

COVID-19 has forced many organizations to make a rapid shift to virtual meetings; this transition has been a challenge for many pharma and medical companies. There’s no doubt that in-person outreach has unique advantages, but virtual meetings have become the default plan for the foreseeable future. If your organization has struggled to adjust, it’s time […]

Key opinion leaders (KOLs) play a vital role in pharma and biotech companies. The most successful organizations rely on regular feedback from qualified experts. Incorporating feedback into your business strategy gives your company an edge. Expert guidance helps your organization reach its goals and avoid costly pitfalls. Still, forging connections with renowned clinical experts isn’t […]

In the past, many pharma companies followed the same brand planning playbook. These strategies emphasized in-person events and traditional sales strategies, but the pharma market is shifting. In a post–COVID-19 world, live conferences and sales events are out. Healthcare providers (HCPs) are looking for different forms of engagement and leaning toward virtual contacts. More than […]

The healthcare sector has been severely impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Industry associations, governments, and medical institutes are imposing travel restrictions, and as a result, some scheduled meetings and conferences face postponement or cancellation. The spread of COVID-19 has forced organizations to rethink their plans. HCPs are already at a higher risk of COVID-19 […]

The global pharma market has experienced unprecedented growth over the last several years. Growth is expected to continue, with the global market exceeding $1.5 trillion by 2023. In the years ahead, pharma spending will be primarily driven by developed markets and newly launched innovative products. However, growth may slow in some regions due to changes […]

Effective clinical research requires a continuous stream of data, but gathering real-world data isn’t always easy. It can be particularly tricky for pharmaceutical manufacturer researchers to connect with practicing oncologists. Community oncologists have many demands on their time and may not be available to participate in clinical research when you need them most. However, their […]